Vampire GirL

{October 31, 2008}   I Miss U..!!!!!


I just miss u… I miss u in a strange way..
I still miss u  although I see u..
I miss u  although I talk to u..
I miss u although I call u & hear ur voice..
I miss the old person I used to know..
I miss my student friend who keep joking with me & teasing me sometimes…
I miss u asking about me…
I miss u talking to me about what I feel & about my friends..
I miss sitting with u alone ..
I miss u touching my hand in a kind & nice way..
I miss looking in ur eyes & I miss u looking in mine..
I miss u  & u r  never there for me anymore..
I miss u  telling me “I miss u”..
I miss u  asking about my day..
I miss u  asking about  my exams..
I miss u & I know that nothing will gonna be the same again..
I miss u & I can’t tell u..
I miss u & u don’t feel it..
I miss u & u are not missing me..
I miss u & I want u back..
I miss u & I know u will never be with me again..
I miss u & u tell me life is busy ..
I miss u being the old friend that I first knew ..but Nothing stays the same..
I miss u being my close friend that I thought u were..
I miss u badlyyyy…
I miss u & I can’t do anything about it..
I miss u ..I miss u & I miss u..

I miss u & it seems that I am gonna miss u a lot.


aditi says:

hi, hw r u? hw iz ur study!

aditi says:

hw u enjoy the vacations?

i miss u…………

Ahmed says:

I miss u & I can’t tell u..
Here is the killer one

gamby says:

Yaaa I know Ahmed…It is the Killer one Indeeeed :S!

vivek says:

i miss u… iloveu…….!

Farah Khan says:

I can’t tell u but I really Miss u….Aamir

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